Improve your physical inspection REAC scores!

Since January, 2000 our inspectors has inspected over 250,000 units. We have also completed various training sessions on upcs inspections.
Our inspectors are REAC /UPCS certified and will inspect site, common areas, exteriors, systems and all units. We specialize in helping PHA’s across the nation obtain & maintain better scores! All inspectors are current on all revisions to UPCS definitions. Midwest Inspection reports are very detailed showing levels, and exact location of each deficiency.

Inspection Services from Midwest Inspections:
•    UPCS Annual Inspections (which meet your facility’s REAC requirements)
•    Pre-REAC inspections (affording you the time to fix deficiencies, and the benefit of appropriately allocating resources)
•    All types of PHA inspections
•    We also offer follow-up inspections!
We commend you on your decision to seek professional support in the matters of PHA inspections and Pre-REAC inspections, and look forward to partnering with you to maintain the most profitable public housing property, with the best possible quality of life for your tenants.

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We offer follow-up inspections to inspect the site and 100% of units to insure most work orders are complete and you are ready for the REAC inspection.

We also offer follow-up inspections on the site, common areas, systems, & exteriors only.

We Now Offer UPCS Training Seminars

Welcome to Midwest Inspections, your number one source for thorough UPCS annual property inspections conducted by professional inspectors at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a recommended annual UPCS inspection or you have a specific property inspection issue, Midwest Inspections is here to get the job done. Our reliable staff is trained in the latest UPCS inspection standards and has the knowledge necessary to perform inspections in all 50 states. Throughout the inspection process we will walk you through the process and explain why certain areas may need repairs or upgrades.

Midwest inspections is one of the largest providers of PHA inspections. Often times these sites fail to meet the requirements necessary to pass a standard HUD inspection. Seeing that your site meets the current UPCS inspection standards is our main goal. Allow one of our trained HUD inspectors to provide the services necessary to assure that your site scores improve! Our PHA inspections are second to none.

Our highly qualified inspectors also perform much sought after Pre-REAC inspections. These reliable inspections will help assure that your property meets the requirements necessary to receive higher scores during your actual HUD inspections.

With any inspection performed Midwest Inspections always recommends follow up inspections. Once repairs and upgrades are made allow one of our trained HUD inspectors to evaluate the new conditions. This assures that not only was the job done, but that it was done correctly.

Experienced, Knowledgeable UPCS Inspections from Midwest Inspections

The inspection company you choose to perform both Pre-REAC Inspections and REAC inspections will make all the difference in the world when it comes time to prove yourself during HUD REAC PASS Inspections. Midwest Inspections is among the state’s leading providers of PHA inspections.